Sol Invictus Group gathers related or partner companies that allow it to be the leading independent operator in Belgium in the areas of sustainable energy management and the production of renewable energy. Sol Invictus Group has industrial, business and financial skills in these professions.
Sol Invictus Group also provides worldwide energy performance solutions.


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Aponergy, your partner for energy efficiency

Aponergy, a new company in the energy performance is the new subsidiary of Sol Invictus Group. The goal of Aponergy is to develop energy performance contracts with big energy consumers company. The specificity of Aponergy lies in its desire to provide a global offer to customers, studies to commissionning through......

Soltech – New distributor of Smartflower®

Soltech has signed a partnership contract and becomes distributor of Smartflower in Belgium, with an exclusive distribution to Wallonia. This partnership agreement is also signed exclusive distribution in Chile and some West African countries (Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin).   Be Soltech, be Smart !  More informations......

Soltech – Panel manufacturer of the first solar road

Located in the Netherlands, this  70 meter cycle track portion is the first road in the world to transform the sun into electricity. Carried by the Public – Private Consortium Solaroad, photovoltaic panels for construction works have been specially made by Soltech for this project. After months......

Inauguration of the Soltech solar plant of Nakhichevan – 20 MWp

Inauguration of the Soltech (Sol Invictus Group’s subsidiary) solar plant in Azerbaïjan. In early December, is in the presence of HE Mr. Ilham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan that Soltech inaugurated a solar power plant with an output of 20.05 MWp in the......

Sol Invictus buys Greenwatt, Belgium biogas market leader

With the acquisition of Greenwatt, Belgium market leader in the biogas, Sol Invictus Group confirms its ambition to become an integrated operator in the field of renewable energy. The acquisition and restructuring Greenwatt aims to give new impetus (through the opening of new markets) to......